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GVM 896S Bi-Color LED series color review

Recently I purchased a set of LED studio lights from the GVM brand to use in a big product photo shoot I was preparing for in the coming months.  Before I made my purchase, I researched several other brands of LED studio lights and ended up going with GVM because I had used a set of GVM lights before and had positive results, so I decided to go with the GVM brand to set up my new product studio.  I bought a pair of GVM 896S Bi-Color LED series lights and I was a little disappointed in the results.  
When I began to edit my project photos I noticed there was a recurring color balance issue that kept coming up in post production. So, upon further investigation it became clear that the lights themselves were not properly balanced.  
As seen in the photos below, Both lights are set at 5000K and at maximum intensity.  My camera is set at 5000k for color balance and both are pointed at the same pure white vinyl background.  The photo has been uploaded as shot from the camera with no color cor…

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